Thursday, June 02, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 03

Happy Thursday, everyone!

The "Edit Me!" meme is fast becoming my favorite because it allows me to be creative and it allows me to experiment and try new things when it comes to editing pictures.

Edit Me! Week 3 - SOOC

This week's image is by Courtney of "One Mom's Perfect Imperfections." Editing this picture would be difficult for me because the image was colorful. I didn't want to turn this to sepia or black and white, so I came up with this edit:

Edit Me! Week 3 - Vintage

Steps I made to this edit:
  • Resize the image to 640px on the width side.
  • Ran the vintage script to mellow down the colors.
  • Ran the National Geographic script using the default setting.
  • Ran the Retroactive action and flattened the image.

I decided not to put any textures on the image because I still have to learn how to effectively erase textures on the skin (especially on the girl's face).

Anyway, just for kicks, I am sharing another edit I did for the image:

Edit Me! Week 3 - Pop Art

This is the first time I tried my hands on turning an image to a Pop Art image, and I think I did okay with this. It was time-consuming, yes... but coloring each of the components in the image was like going back to childhood. I truly enjoyed it.

Unlike with the first image, though, I worked on this edit using the original size as I find easier to work with bigger images especially if I have to work on different components. After finishing the pop art, I then changed the width of the image to 640px.

Coming up with this edit, I just followed the tutorial I got to watch from YouTube. I personally would like to thank Malgalin for sharing his brains and his talent. :)

Both edits I loved, but I guess I could say I loved the second picture more as it was my first Pop Art edit. If you still don't know, I used GIMP to edit the image.

*** Jenn ***