Monday, July 18, 2011

Critters in the Garden

I realized this weekend that there are photo memes devoted to colors... so while I am joining the usual memes I do for this blog, I am also going to join the color memes, simply because I think life is much better with a splash of color. :)

For Mondays, I noticed there were four color memes: one for Red, Black, Green, and Yellow. The Red one I will do on Tuesdays, so for this day I will do Yellow and Green.

Both images taken April last year while jogging around the neighborhood plaza. Near the Multi-Purpose Hall was a garden, and it was really a delight to see critters greeting "Good Morning" (of course, not literally). Living in a subdivision in the city, it's rare now for me to see these fascinating creatures, so it was such a blessing that I was carrying my camera with me as I jog. Well, I do bring either my camera or my cell phone whenever I go out, so I would be ready in taking pictures of things that captured my interest.

Happy new week, everyone!

*** Jenn ***