Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Datu Snoopy

I was cleaning the house this morning, and while wiping the Snoopy toys, I decided to take a picture of this particular toy.

Datu Snoopy

This toy (along with the other 27 figurines) were something really memorable for the family, because we all went crazy scouting different McDonald's outlets just to buy their Happy Meals because we wanted to collect all 28 toys. It was a moment when we all could say we didn't want to eat their burger again because we had to eat a McDo burger multiple times a day, hahaha. But even if we were getting tired eating McDo burgers, we were happy when we were able to get the last batch of toys.

Of the 28 Snoopy figures wearing different national costumes, this is my favorite because this was the traditional Filipino costume. Well, not the typical costume I knew of, but this Snoopy is wearing the traditional "Datu" costume. People from the south part of the country wears this - if they are a Datu, of course.

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