Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Brownies | Spider

Brown is the color of my Thursday, but since I don't have that much brown pictures, I checked my vaults for this one:

I took this one while vacationing in La Union with my sister. We just got home from Urbiztondo Beach (watching the Surfing Break). Since our bathroom was near the back area of the house, critters can freely enter the windows and I was so surprised when I entered the bathroom and see this huge spider.

Surprised as I may be, I wasn't scared of it - in fact, instead of using the bathroom, I went to my room and get my camera to photograph it. :)) I like this kind of spiders - very still, and such a willing model. :) I actually took this with the camera's flash on and it didn't even move! When it comes to macro with flash, I miss my old p&s. My new one can't do such wonders.

*** Jenn ***