Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After the Rain

Third day of joining color-themed memes, and White is the color for Wednesdays! My share:

I was uploading June 2010 images on my Facebook (yeah, I am so way behind on the uploads - editing each picture while juggling work / home chores / personal time is eating so much time), and when I saw this, I knew I'd make it my first post for Wednesday Whites.

I took this while walking to the nearby market, just outside our neighborhood. To save money and to exercise, I decided to walk. The rain just passed, and the rain drops created embellishment to the flowers and leaves. At that time, I was also doing my Project 365 (my first attempt), and seeing a housefly on the white flower, I took out my cell phone to take a picture. Despite the gloomy weather, I was pretty impressed at how my cell phone was able to capture this image well.

*** Jenn ***