Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cadbury Chocolate

Going with an easy share this week on Thursday Brownies...

Cadbury Chocolate

A picture of my sister's Cadbury Chocolate. Our late father had the sweet tooth, but because he would hoard all the chocolates a balikbayan friend or family member gave us, I somehow adjusted to live without chocolate. I do eat chocolate-flavored foods (cakes, ice cream, etc)... but the chocolate bars/candies were something I can live without.

This big bar of chocolate was given by someone dear to my sister, and because she seemed to have inherited dad's hoarding ways when it comes to chocolates, this actually sat inside the fridge for so long before she decided to open it. As you can see, there were already traces of milk because one family member would take it out of the fridge hoping sister would share it, but sister would put it back in the fridge. Well, I didn't have any problem with that... I actually never gave this one a taste. :)