Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chocolate Blanco by Pan de Manila

Yesterday was a "brrrr..." day for most of us, and even if storm Pedring has already left the country, there were still chills in the air, so let me share this:

Chocolate Blanco

A hot cup of Chocolate Blanco by Pan de Manila. The last time we visited their store to buy some bread, sister saw their rack of instant drink mix, and her getting a sachet of the chocolate drink mix gave me the desire to taste their coffee mix. Since there were only three drink mix, we decided to get one of each so we could taste it all.

Sipping this one tasted like melted white Toblerone. It was sweet, creamy, and perfect for breakfast, or with some snacks... or simply for moments when one needs comfort - especially during rainy days.

Hope you're all safe and sound.