Monday, October 24, 2011

From Our Morning Walk

Making another two-in-one post, I always forget to post my MYM post on a Sunday.

Morning Dew

Yellow Flower

Sister and I went out Saturday morning to walk and jog. Since this was our day to be out and "be one with nature," I took my camera with me, so I can capture images that would take my interest.

However, we saw rain clouds from afar, and it was actually raining at our would be destination. We had to cut our walk and take a different route, but we still was able to get in touch with nature, because of these pictures.

I took this near the neighborhood's chapel. The yellow flower looked a bit like squash's but am not sure if it's the same plant as I still haven't seen a squash flower that looked like this (ones I saw had a little pointy petal tips).

I sure hope this weekend the skies will be clear so sis and I can enjoy a much longer walk, and jog as well.