Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Miss Sbarro!

When the scrapbook store S.M.I.L.E. was still in SM Megamall, I always have a reason to eat in Sbarro. I don't know what with their food that keeps me coming back. Truth be told - their spaghetti's pretty simple - just noodles and your choice of sauce (either red or white) - but even if they serve the simplest spaghetti, so far, it's still the best I have ever had. I don't mind spending quite a lot just so I could eat their spaghetti.

Whenever I am here, I am always ordering spaghetti in white sauce with meatballs. Customers have the choice of half or whole serving, and since I don't always get to eat here, I always go for the whole serving - therefore I always get two meatballs. As for my drink, I go for their raspberry iced tea.

My technique in eating is that I will eat half of what's in my plate as is, and for the other half, I'd sprinkle some dried basil leaves so it would be like I am eating pesto pasta. Hehehehehe... it's like having two-in-one dish. I am planning to meet up with a friend in Glorietta Mall (Makati) tomorrow, and I am hoping we could eat in Sbarro. I miss eating their food, just thinking of it makes me salivate already.

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Jona said...

hi! Sbarro's also one of our fave restos. unfortunately, their branch in Glorietta Mall was affected by the blasting last year at the mall. so we usually visit in market market when we're craving for the taste of their delicious food. last sunday we were so happy to eat at sbarro in mall of asia :)
have a nice day!

daisy said...

wow.. haha..grabe..masasawa k rin s Sbarro! lol.c0ol pics! did u get all that with ur cell cam? it's so clear! haha.. :D sure,I'll add u up now. :D

genny said...

hi i tag you...nice smile...

Vannie said...

looks so good. yum2x nagutom ako.

shutter happy jenn said...

jona - ay grabe, oo nga, wala na yung nasa glorietta, punta tuloy kami sa megamall!

daisy - lol... kaya nga dapat bihira lang para di magsawa!

vannie - yumminess talaga! hehehehe