Sunday, September 07, 2008

We Need a New Kitchen Sink

When the family decided to extend the house in mid-1990s, my parents decided to make a dirty kitchen (a kitchen outside the house, apart from the normal kitchen inside the house) so whenever we would have barbecue days, or needed to wash fish and other "wet" ingredients, we can always use it. The old sink in our kitchen was saved and was transferred to the dirty kitchen, but as time passed, the sink is now old and worn out.

Parts of the sink is now rusted, and holes started to show. If not for the sealants, for sure our floors would be flooded by now! =) We are a thrift family and that we allow things to go worse before we replace it, but as early as today we are planning to have it replaced. My siblings and I are foodies, and part of preparing good foods is having a good kitchen, and the three of us had so many suggestions as to what kind of sink we would want to have.

Copper Kitchen Sinks from CopperSinksOnline.Com is one of the options we are looking into because according to my brother Copper Sinks are good because it doesn't rust so easily and the color really gives out a little character into the sink itself. Although we had while tiles on the counter, having copper sinks still goes well to the existing attributes in our kitchen.

Just this morning, we checked out the site and we all agreed that having a Copper Sink would be a perfect choice for our kitchen. We still have to get mother's say on this because she's the captain of the house. I sure hope she would like the idea because we really, really need a kitchen sink. By the way, the picture in this post was taken from the site, and is the one we loved in our kitchen.

Are you someone who would need a replacement sink, too? Why not check out the Copper Sinks from CopperSinksOnline.Com? They have a great selection of nice sinks that would surely be a great compliment to your kitchen. As we checked out the site, I noticed that they are having a sale on some items, so today could be your great day to do sink shopping! =) I suggest you check out the drain finish to the sinks as well, all looked so good.

*** Jenn ***