Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 06 - Who They Love

Prompts for days 06 and 07 were given at the same time, and since we don't have any grandparents anymore and that our other relatives live quite far from us, I have to think how to present both prompts without really using the same idea.

Joy of Love - Day 06


Day 06 - Who They Love

I remember a few years ago when my sister was still in college, I was really angry with her because I found out she was with someone, a guy school mate. Well, I wasn't really angry just because she was with him, I was angry because she told me she was with classmates doing projects, only to find out she was lying to me.

My sister refused to admit that he is her boyfriend, but I am a woman, too, and I felt right then that my sister was just covering the whole thing up. That was 2008, I guess.

Fast forward to 2011, three years have passed and they are still together. They care so much about each other that they were guiding each other with how to deal with life as an adult, and from time to time, they would meet just to be together.

The ring my sister was wearing was something he gave to her. Aside from this, he also gave her a bracelet, but because my sister cannot wear any jewelry (because of work), she just uses both pieces of jewelry as her cell phone charm.

Up until now, she still won't admit that they are a couple, but I guess no words were needed anymore. I still haven't seen the guy, but I know he loves my sister so much, and I know my sister feels the same way.

*** Jenn ***