Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 12 - Eyes

Whenever there are two sisters in a family, oftentimes people would compare the two sisters based on their looks, and would tell that the younger one looks better than the older sister. Even I can't understand the logic of that, but in a way there is some truth to it. Maybe parents got better in "creating" a much good looking offspring? Hahahaha.

Joy of Love - Day 12

Joy of Love - Day 12


Day 12 - Eyes

I have long accepted that my sister looks better than I am, and if there is something I love about my sister physically, it would be her eyes. I love that her eyelids aren't as puffy as mine, and at times I do get jealous that she can apply make-up in her eyelids. My eyelashes are actually longer than hers, but it looks as if my eyelashes are shorter because of my eyelids. I sure hope to use mascara, too!

I could say that my sister and I are very close - we could read each others' eyes and we could certainly communicate with each other just by doing "eye gestures." I really am thankful I have her as my sister.

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Yasher said...

I love the close up! You've got some lovely photos here! I will have to check out your blog more often. I'm like you, I like photography too, though have never had lessons and I don't have a fancy camera either. :)