Saturday, February 12, 2011

Her Own Place

I just talked about my sister's dream of entering a culinary school. Of course that is just one of her dreams, the other being owning her own place, just like those Florida Apartments she is seeing on TV.

It was actually inspired by us watching US based television shows, and she has always admired the houses she is seeing. If she could have it her way, she is hoping to get one in Orlando, so she can go to Disneyworld, too. Yes, among us siblings, my sister is the one who is very keen of going overseas and live an independent life. If she could make her way in the United States, she really likes to live either in New York or in Florida. New York because she is such a city girl, Florida because she also loves the laid back life. Well, Florida is known as as the Sunshine State, and she really loves the positivity brought about by sunshine.

Being her older sister, of course I support her dreams. Personally, I would like her to stay here, but if she wants to spread her wings, then I am here to back her up. Well, checking the different Florida Apartments makes me wanna wish I can own something like that, too, as all look amazing!

Just a piece of advice I am giving her: if she is really keen of having her own place and be independent, she just have to make sure the neighborhood is at a good location - near to the church, hospital, shopping center, and other commercial spaces. Of course we all want to live in a very safe, clean, and beautiful neighborhood, but it would also help if some places are easy to access, too. Now, if it comes with a good view from the window, all the better.

My sister really is growing up now. She is very different from the baby I used to carry.