Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 19 - When They Are Away

When I took on this project, I already told myself I will use sister as my subject, so even if the prompt for today is something that doesn't include the subject technically, I still found a way to include my sister in my picture.

Joy of Love - Day 19


Day 19 - When They Are Away.

When my sister is away, there will be a gap between her pairs of shoes. :)

My sister loves shoes. It's really funny because my sister always tell she has no money when it comes to all other things... but when it comes to shoes, she always have some money to spare. This is the biggest difference between my sister and I. For me, when a pair of shoes cost more than 1000 pesos (roughly 23usd), it would be way too expensive already. For my sister, she can buy a very simple looking pair of sandals even if it costs more than a thousand pesos.

There were only six pairs of shoes in this picture, but sister has some more pairs somewhere around the house. Most of those are gathering dust, some actually were worn out and have to be disposed, but she didn't want to.

I am not into shoes, yes, but since my sister's shoe size is just a notch smaller than mine (she's size 8, I'm a size 9), there are times I would borrow her shoes if I needed to have a selfie picture taken. Her shoes are a bit small, yes, but my feet can still fit. Well, I am not leaving the house whenever I borrow her shoes, so it's just okay.

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Yasher said...

What a fantastic shot! Nice!

Anonymous said...
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Jenn Valmonte said...

Thank you so much, Yasher!