Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 20 - When They're Home

As soon as I have learned of this day's prompt, I already knew what picture to take, but the problem was how to take it. :)

Joy of Love - Day 20


Day 20 - When They're Home.

It was so fortunate that this prompt came in on a weekend - the time of the week when everybody's home. Here in our house, we really look forward to dinnertime because it's the time of the day that all of us can enjoy good food, great laughs, and awesome chats. Dinnertime is when we talk about how our day was, as well as future plans and possibly some opinion sharing about news items, celebrity gossips included. :)

This was a staged photograph, if I may so... and when brother heard of it, he quickly put on the apron (something sister and I took home from a blog event) and asked if he could be the one serving the food. Initially, I wanted sister to do it - as she is my subject for this project, but since brother wanted to wear the apron, I let him do it... afterall, it's very rare that brother gets enthusiastic about a family shoot, and since my sister is part of the picture, I guess I am still doing my project.

We had yard-long beans cooked adobo that night. While brother was serving the food, sister was bugging us about opening the tub of Pringles, something we didn't want her to do because it would ruin the appetite. I set the camera to a certain amount of seconds (I didn't tell them how long) because I wanted to get a candid shot as much as possible, but since mom was directly in front of the camera, she just sat still and looked at the camera. Brother looked like that because he was about to ask when will the camera take its shot, and just after he asked the question, the flash fired. Hahaha.

I really love my family.

*** Jenn ***