Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 23 - From Facebook

Oh 'kay... am now back... and I really have to finish my Joy of Love class before the next class comes.



Day 23 - From Facebook

My sister doesn't really upload all her pictures in Facebook (and some albums are private - even to me), so I chose these pictures. Well, I did find it difficult to choose just one picture, so I just chose 4 of my favorite in the set.

These pictures were taken March 2009, when us siblings went to do a side trip to Fort Santiago before checking out MV Doulos. One of my weaknesses in photography is portraiture, so along the way I asked sister to pose for me so I could also try doing portraiture, too.

My sister was my very first model. In the years that I have taken pictures of her, I cannot recall the times she let me down. It was actually a win-win thing: I could get to practice and she could have pictures to post in her Facebook. :)

Until now, I still ask my sister's help whenever I need try something about portraiture. I just hope she won't get tired posing for me.

*** Jenn ***