Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 24 - Where

I was thinking hard what to share for this day, but while washing dishes after eating dinner, I thought about this and decided to share it.

Day 24: Where.

For four years now, this is where I always go to every 5th day of March - the Forest Lake en Cielo cemetery in the town of San Juan in the province of La Union. This is where dad was buried, and even if I had to travel six to seven hours from Manila, I would always take this day as a day of remembering all the goodness my dad has given our family. He will always be my favorite man in the world, and nothing would take away the love I have for him.

I do understand that my family will not be there during his death anniversary. I always tell my family that as long as there will be someone lighting the candle on his grave, it will be okay, because it meant that we still haven't forgotten him.

This year, I was so happy that sister was able to travel with me. I am thankful that I have someone to share the day with, as last year, it was just I who went to light the candles. At least now, sister was with me, and we were able to give respects to daddy.

*** Jenn ***