Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Good Luck in March

As you may have noticed, I got stuck on Day 22 on the The Joy of Love classes. I didn't really stop... it's just that I really got busy preparing for my travel here in La Union, and when we got here, some prompts required me checking the files for old pictures - something I cannot do because I didn't have any CD-ROM here and that I didn't bring my DVD case as well. I will still finish The Joy of Love, but my take on the Day 23 - 28 prompts will be shared the soonest time we got home.

Checking my email today, I received a message about the next "Joy" class:


unlike last month, this will just be a week-long class, which will start on March 14, but I sure will join, and actually, I have already signed up for it. If you want to join, too, just click on the banner above.

*** Jenn ***