Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 25 - When

So... when do I feel my sister loves me?

Day 25 - When

Day 25 - When.

A lot of things made me feel that my sister loves me. Like when she would wake up real early to prepare mom's breakfast that would mean I don't have to get up anymore, or when she would do the laundry for the week. Of course I would do the chores the other time because I don't want her to do all the chores.

I also felt her love when she would give me advice or voice out her opinions about certain things I am having problems about... or when she would back up my decisions because she believes in me and my abilities. She may be eight years younger than me, but I do respect what she has to say.

In the course of this Joy of Love classes, I guess the biggest way I felt my sister's love is when she was game to pose for me. Never did she complained about being in front of my camera... and every time I would ask her for a picture, she would be quick to fix herself. As for posing, she is open to every suggestions, and she would really stay with me until I get the shot I wanted and needed.

Take for instance the picture above... it was freaking hot that afternoon, yet when I told her I would like to take a picture of her in a "perspective" mode, she was quick to put down the umbrella and pose for me.

In her many little things I felt my sister's love....and her being my sister is already reason enough to know I am blessed and loved.

*** Jenn ***