Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 26 - BROmance

My sister was my main subject for this class, but towards the end, I have shared something about my dad, and now, as the prompt suggested, I am going to talk about my brother. Truly, this class is all about the joy of love for I have tackled the joys of loving my family.

Day 26 - BROmance

Day 26 - BROmance

I was born a year and four months after my brother. I am considered the "unexpected" child because parents thought mom won't get pregnant right away because they heard breastfeeding moms won't get pregnant right away, so mom was surprised why her period didn't get back sooner than expected. It was obviously because she was already pregnant with me.

Parents welcomed me into the family, but because they still haven't fully adjusted with building a house after the marriage and welcoming their first born, taking care of two babies became a big challenge for them. They allowed dad's eldest sister to take care of brother in La Union, while I stayed with my family. I did have memories of brother early in my life, but there was part of my life where I got surprised learning that I have a brother. It was in 1984 when we got reunited - when parents took me to La Union for a summer vacation and to attend brother's pre-school graduation.

He then came home with us and moving to a new house (where we are living up to this day), it started my roller coaster relationship with brother. Maybe because we have different genders, which was why adjusting to each personalities was tough - or maybe because we were just kids - that we fought most of the time. Growing up, we would get irritated with each other and our fights would be very violent at times - him biting my arms (which would leave his impression as if my arms are something dentists use to make dentures), and me throwing stuff directly at him (making sure I'd hit his head or anywhere that would make him shout in pain). When we welcomed sister in the family in 1988, it somehow balanced the tension between us, and also, we were getting matured, so fights have lessened.

We are close, yes - we do share secrets at times - but I am not as close to him as I am close to my sister. Still, he would be there when I needed him - like when I needed to leave the house real early and needed some companion... or when I needed some help about something. What touches my heart the most would the very few times I'd have the flu and he would cook something hot - either congee or noodles - to comfort me. Our relationship wasn't really smooth smooth (sometimes buttons are pushed), but we do care and respect each other - him as my older brother, me as his younger sister.

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This picture was taken last December, when the family celebrated sister's birthday. Well, sister might take a back seat for this joy of love class, but I could still say she is part of the picture, as this was her birthday party, and that she took this picture. Thanks sis!

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