Monday, March 14, 2011



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This picture was taken when my sister and I went to the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad, Benguet. Well, it's not really just strawberry fields; a lot of other vegetables are grown there, too (like broccoli, leeks, cauliflower, lettuce, etc...), but because tourists mainly go there to see the strawberry fileds, the "name" just stuck.

Anyway, before leaving, sister and I checked the shops, and we saw one selling flowers and plants. Because of the cool weather in La Trinidad, it has been a great place to grow plants, and among the flowers I took pictures of where these everlasting flowers. Also known as Straw Flower or Paper Daisy, it is the flower which Baguio City (capital of Benguet) is well known for. Such a pretty flower, but people here offer this flower to altars and tombs because it still pretty much look the same even if it has wilted already - thus the name, "everlasting."

I have seen the orange ones... and I guess this would be the first time I have seen the yellow and pink varieties. So cute, wish I could take it home.

*** Jenn ***