Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 27 - What They Say

Today is supposed to be the start of the Joy of Luck class, but I guess my time zone is quite ahead, so I still haven't received the first prompt yet. With that, I guess I don't have to make a two-in-one post, because if I receive the e-mail tomorrow, I will take my picture tomorrow, too, and share it the next day - meaning, I will share the last Joy of Love picture tomorrow, too.

Day 27 - What They Say

Day 27 - What They Say.

Of all the prompts, I think this would be the most difficult for me. My sister isn't really verbal about her feelings - I don't expect to receive any cheesy text messages from her, and I don't expect post-its here and there containing notes, because she wasn't brought up that way. Actually, when she was in High School and College, I would call her "abnormal" because I never heard her go loco over some guy - be it a classmate or a celebrity. Totally different from what I was during her age.

Between the two of us, I am the more sentimental. I am the one who would insert notes into her books containing words of encouragement and how much I care about her. I am the one who hugs her more often and the one who would shower her with words describing how much I love her. Even if my sister isn't the cheesy-cheesy woman, I know she cares so much about me and the whole family, too, and yes, at rare times (when she is really tired), she would solicit hugs from us, too.

This picture was taken by our cousin Mhai. We were on our way home from a hike to Tangadan Falls, and our decision to take a different route back made us climb uphill nonstop. It was really tiring, and I found myself panting and asking them them to slow down a bit because my legs were burning. This was one of those "Wait for a while" moments I had... and us looking like this made cousin snap a picture using her cell phone. I thought she was taking picture of just sister so I didn't mind them - I was more concerned catching my breath - that when cousin gave me copies of pictures she took via Bluetooth, I was surprised to see this.

My sister would always go, "Kaya pa ba, 'te?" ("Can you still keep up?") I would always say "yes," because I can still keep up... but of course, given my weight, I just had to take my time. I felt a bit bad about the situation - I am the older one... the one who should encourage and guide her, but it was always her who would ask if I can still keep up - as her way of checking about my state. Between us, she's the one with asthma, yet in this instance, it was like I was the one with asthma who would always catch her breath. That moment, she became my older sister, and I became her little sis. It was a good feeling - sensing her concern and her care.

Of course, I know, I need to lose weight. :)

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