Saturday, March 19, 2011

Joy of Luck - Day 01: Gift

My post for Day 1 was delayed due to Internet problems... but anyway, Day 1 is all about "the Gift," with a question being, "What is a gift that you often take for granted."

Joy of Luck - Day 1

The first thing that came to my mind was my feet. Being the bottommost part of my physical self, I often take it for granted - I rarely wear flip flops when at home (I love walking around in bare feet), and the only closed pair of shoes I own are my rubber shoes, which I only wear when I jog. I do own another pair of flats, but I don't get to wear it now as the material already stretched and my feet don't fit good in it anymore. My feet don't receive a whole lot of pampering - I do wash my feet before I sleep at night, but I don't really do much about it - no foot spa, no moisturizing, no massages. Just water and soap at night and I am good. I did get to wear socks before sleeping, but when I forgot doing the routine twice in a row, I was back to my old lax self.

I know I need to give my feet some lovin' because this gift was something I use everyday. I love to walk (whenever I have the chance), and being a traveler, having a pair of feet was one of the best things I have. Heck, my feet were one of the best gifts I received when I was born, come to think of it. I love that I was able to explore places because of my feet, and I love that I am free to go wherever I want (even around the house) without any problems. With everything my feet has given me, it was just right that I give it the love it needs and deserves, but at most times I was totally taking it for granted.

Late February to early March, I went to my paternal hometown and my feet suffered a whole lot of blows. It got dry, my soles got thicker, and on my last day there, I injured my big toe (right foot) because I was stupid to do a jump shot on a hanging bridge. I had to dress my wound time to time and yes, I had to go to the clinic to have a shot of tetanus toxoid... and the whole thing was such a hassle. Still, with an injured foot, I continued walking and traveling.

Realizing that I have taken my feet for granted, my feet are currently on rehabilitation. My toe is now healed - but I still can't cut the nail (main reason why my feet are wearing socks in this picture). I have also started applying petroleum jelly on my feet (including the soles) to soften the skin, too. Just after a day there was an improvement, but of course, I still have to continue moisturizing it. I know my feet won't be as soft as baby's, but at least I know in time my feet will be much better than it is today.

For the gift you've given me feet... I am giving you my gift as well. Thank you for the miles and the experiences, and here's to many more years of walking and discovery!

*** Jenn ***

ps - My cute socks were bought at a shop in La Trinidad, Benguet last 04 March. I really wanted to own socks with toes, and I was very lucky to see a pair while traveling. The socks are now my feet's best friend.