Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joy of Luck - Day 05: What Brings Me Luck

There are only seven days to this class, and I am still not finished. :) Well, am slowly catching up...

Sunrise at Colinas Verdes

Day 05 - What Brings Me Luck.

For a person who has this small fear of dying while sleeping, waking up to brand new day is something I consider a big luck, or a big blessing. Mornings are my favorite time of the day - breathing the fresh cool air and greeting people (even the cats) good morning is something so special to me, which is why if I wake up very late, like 9am late, I would feel really down as if a part of me was taken away. Waking up to a new day gives me a fresh start... to correct my past mistakes, and to do things that I needed and wanted to do.

This sunrise picture was from my files; I love seeing the sun rise, and I was so lucky to see one when my sister and I went to Colinas Verdes to walk and jog. I never really realized that seeing one is just a kilometer (or so) away from our place, and now that I know, I have another reason to love the morning.

*** Jenn ***