Saturday, April 02, 2011

Joy of Luck - Day 06: Biggest Current Blessing

It's been a while since I last updated my Joy of Luck posts... two more days to go, and here is the second to the last prompt:

Day 6: Current Blessing

Day 06 - Biggest Current Blessing.

Last January, mom told me cousin Jayson (eldest son of Aunt Bing, mom's youngest sibling) will be staying here in our house for two months because he needed a place to stay while reviewing for the ECE board exams. At first I wasn't that happy about it - we weren't as close to our maternal relatives and the family wasn't used to having "other" people in the house. However, I understood the whole situation and we wanted to help him (it would be much better for him to stay here than rent a boarding house for two months), so I learned to compromise.

He is a week or so younger than my sister, so of course I am not really close to him. He is also the silent type, though as the days passed, we were able to share stories and he would sometimes laugh at my silly antics.

When sister and I went for a short vacation in our paternal hometown, brother sent me a message telling our Internet was disconnected. I wasn't able to settle it right away as I am having big financial problems and I didn't want to tell mom about it. When cousin found out about it, he was quick to lend me his Internet Stick, telling me that he rarely use the stick and it was postpaid (unlimited Internet connection), so he sight I might as well use it. I was really thankful about his gesture, and although I have to stay in our terrace so that the signal would be excellent, I happily grabbed the blessing and it made me stay online for as much as I can. The only disruption was whenever he would take it back because he would lend it to his classmate who also needed Internet connection because of their lessons.

Despite him being quiet, he was a real sweet cousin. He would volunteer to wash the dishes, and hearing I love playing games as my diversion while editing pictures or writing my articles, he would sometimes give he copies of games, including the PC version of "Angry Birds," which is annoyingly addictive (I love it).

Just the other day, he came straight to me when he got home and gave a copy of FOOD Magazine April 2011. I was surprised about it, and he told me he passed by the bookstore, saw this and remembered I love reading culinary magazines. I was really, really touched and mom was happy that despite our age difference and our gender, we are becoming good friends. If he didn't stay here, for sure I wouldn't receive all of these blessings.

Thank you for the kindness, couz! I will just let God pay you in my behalf as I couldn't give you anything. I pray you will pass the board exam. Claim your victory, engineer! :)

*** Jenn ***