Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joy of Luck - Days 03 & 04

The Joy of Luck classes are moving forward and I am trailing, so today I will do a two-in-one post so I could catch up with the classes.

Joy of Luck: Day 3: Lucky Symbol

Day 03 - Lucky Symbols.

There are a lot of lucky symbols, including the four-leaf clover and blowing fallen eyelashes, but I personally haven't seen a real four-leaf clover, and I never really believed the eyelashes thing, so I really thought hard what MY lucky symbol is. I want this class to be as personal as it could be, and when I checked my wallet, I saw this piece of earring, and it brought back memories from not so long ago, and felt this is my lucky symbol.

Last February, my sister and I went to Manila City mainly to do church hopping, and after hopping through three churches, we found ourselves walking to Divisoria, a well known market place in the city. Known for its low prices, it is also known to be one nasty place, and people going there are always advised to wear as casual as they can (if they can roam around wearing house clothes, the better) and to not wear any piece of jewelry. It never crossed my mind to take out my earrings - maybe because it looked silver and no snatcher would take interest in it because silver jewelry don't have much value (my earrings are actually made of real white gold). However, after making a stop from walking, I just felt somebody running from behind, and the next thing I know his hands were already in my ears. It happened so fast, yet so slow - as soon as I felt the hands in my ears it seemed my whole world froze and that my life flashed before my eyes.

When it dawned on me that I have lost the earrings, I tried my best to move forward and to never look back, but someone shouted "miss," I looked back and saw a man reaching out and gave me back this. He told me people got ahold of the snatcher but he wasn't able to get both of the earrings. I thanked the man for his kindness, and even if I lost the other piece, having this one to hold on to was something that makes me satisfied to say the least. I am lucky that day... I brought my camera, cell phone, and some cash, and I know that things happen for a reason. I know being robbed was something that would happen to me that day, and contemplating about it, I was thinking: what if I took off my earrings?

I then felt lucky I had my earrings on. Let half of the earrings go, at least I still have my life.

... and my camera and my cell phone. :)

Joy of Luck: Day 4 - 7 Favorite Things

Day 04 - Seven Favorite Things.

I am a person who take delight in many little things, so to think just seven of my favorite things was quite difficult for me. This picture has seven of the oh-so-many favorite things in my list... not necessarily my seven topmost favorites, but seven favorites nonetheless.
  1. Yoko, my netbook - Something I acquired July last year with the help of my dearest K. I only had limited money that time, so I really had to think which among the netbooks will pass my standard without breaking my budget, and in the end I chose to buy the Lenovo Ideapad S10-2. I was hoping to get the purple one, but the black one was the only thing they had, so I just went with it.
  2. Cysho, my cell phone - I didn't own that much cell phones in my life, so in 2007, when my old Nokia 3210 cell phone died, I was hoping to purchase the Motorola V3x, something my sister used to own because it already has a camera and I already tried having pictures printed in 5R sizes and it looked just fine. Luckily, as I check shop after shop to see which has the lowest price (it was priced 12 thousand pesos that time), I got to enter a cell phone shop selling cell phones with NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) seal - something new that time, and it somehow assured me that I will getting a real phone, not just some fakes circulating here and there. They didn't have the Motorola V3x, but they had the Sony Ericsson K800i selling at the same price, so I just went for it. It was a lucky choice, because it had a great camera (almost like having a real digital camera), and up to this day I am still using it.
  3. Zoe, my iPod Nano. Late 2009, I joined a Facebook contest sponsored by Coke Zero. When I joined, I just joined for the sake of joining it. I never expected to win, but I did! It took nearly a year before I used it; I just let it sit inside my closet because I was hoping to sell it (MP3 players aren't the type of gadgets I took interest in since then), but nobody took interest, so I decided to use it. It has 8GB memory and I already filled half of it, and although I rarely use it, I was happy that I decided to use it.
  4. Zooma, my digital camera. While on a holiday last November, an accident came when the tripod where my old camera was sitting on tipped over the beach shore and the lens caught a lot of sand. I survived the rest of the holiday by using my cell phone as my way to capture images, but a few weeks after, I felt a bit depressed because I felt crippled by losing my camera. I was having financial problems that time - and with Christmas coming, I felt I could use money to get some other important things, and K understood my situation. He felt it was partly his fault because it was his tripod and he did lose one of his old cameras because the tripod tipped over, too, so he sent me some money so I could purchase a new camera. It wasn't much, so even if I have been dreaming to own a DSLR camera, I still couldn't. I am pretty much confident using a point and shoot camera, but I also wanted some sense of growth, so I chose between a Canon Powershot SX210is and Canon Powershot SX130is. In the end, I went for the SX130is - the one with the shorter zoom level (12 times optical compared to 14 times), cheaper cost (8,900 pesos compared to 12,900), but the one with a much greater review from different sites. I still am not fully embracing this camera (I felt its image quality wasn't as good as my old camera and that I hate that the flash wasn't giving me much help because the light bounces from the protruded lens), but it's my baby now, so I have to love it. It's not at all bad, though. I am loving its macro function and yes, the longer zoom level did help me a lot.
  5. The Piggy Socks. I always wanted to own socks with toes because I own flip flops and it would be difficult to wear flip flops going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I wear socks (after giving it a good rub of petroleum jelly) before I sleep to help in moisturizing my soles, and when I saw this pair of socks at a shop while in La Trinidad, I knew I just have to buy it. :)
  6. Nail Polish. Before, I could only apply nail polish in my toenails because I didn't know how to apply nail polish in my fingernails. Late last year, I decided to grow my fingernails and started practicing in applying nail polish in my fingernails. I still am not good, but now I know I can decorate my nails without having to go to the salon.
  7. Baby Oil. Much cheaper than lotion and much better in moisturizing the skin. I am very happy now that baby oil comes in different scents, and since my favorite color is purple, it's the one I am using now. It smells so good! I don't think I would like to use lotion anymore now that I have this.

I still have a lot (and I mean a lot) of favorite things, but for now this will do. :) The picture in this prompt was taken using my sister's Nokia C3 cell phone, then processed in GIMP by adding some lomo hues.

*** Jenn ***