Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Supermoon

I have two photo blogs, and with so many great photo blog memes, I am having a rather confusing dilemma as to which blog will use a particular meme. Currently, I am using the other photo blog (http://shutterhappyjenn.blogspot.com) as some sort of a "technical" photo blog - using photo challenge memes, and this one would be my photo blog with a personal touch, and will do photo memes which I can impart a personal side of me as well.

For Tuesday, I will be doing "Sweet Shot Tuesday," because its aim was to showcase the best picture taken from the previous week. I figured that is something quite personal, because I had to choose which I think was the best photo for me, right?

My Supermoon

My photo share for this week was taken the night of 19 March. I have already read in several articles and heard in some news programs about the "Supermoon" happening this day, but its schedule here in the Philippines will come at 2AM of 20 March.

I checked the sky around 9PM of 19 March, just to see if there would be something different to the regular full moon. Well, the moon wasn't as huge as I hoped it would be, but what amazed me was that I could see the moon's dark spots from where I stood.

Figured I might not be able to wait 2AM and worried that the "supermoon" will hide from our neighbor's roof, I decided to take the tripod out and take pictures of the moon at that moment, just because I don't want to miss the moment. In case the moon would be shy of showing itself at 2AM, at least I already have a picture of the moon. :)

I took this picture using the 12x optical zoom of my camera at shutter speed 1/1250. I have always wanted to take a "good" picture of the full moon ever since I had my camera (which I named Zooma), and now some three months later, I finally have it.

*** Jenn ***

ps - My brother waited for 2AM, but decided not to wake me up anymore because he said the clouds were blocking the moon. Well, I may not have caught a glimpse of the actual supermoon, but I am definitely happy I have a picture of the moon that night.