Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Minute Friday | If I Could, I Would

I wasn't able to do anything online this afternoon because I watched the coverage of the Royal Wedding... and now that's over and that I was able to finish editing Facebook pictures for upload, I can now start writing for my blogs.

Topic for Five Minute Friday is, "If I Could, I Would..." and here's my take.

five words: ...and this, too, shall pass


If I could erase all the negative vibes and the pains in my heart, I would. It would surely be great being in a happy state - away from everything that's pulling me down, but I do know that would be impossible.

If I could just forget every wrong thing people said and did to me, I would. It surely is nice to move forward feeling brand new, but just like me, I know everyone have their own scars they wanted to erase.

If I could be away with problems, I would. It surely is nice living a great life without having to think of responsibilities and obligations, but I know problems will always be there to test us, and that sometime we are the ones who create our own problems.

If I could be all these, I would... but I know I can't, and I totally understand, because problems, negativity, pains, and scars aren't things given to me to wear me down, but little challenges to test my faith and courage. Problems are part of all of us, and thinking hard about it, if there are no dark sides, life would surely be very boring.


Wow, that is quite a long entry I got there for five minutes. :) The picture in this post is actually a scan of a 12x12 paper scrapbook I created in 2007. That was the year I lost my father, and I used the pain to create this layout, and a letter for myself. I really love this layout because I was able to finish this in one sitting. It was quite an easy layout to do, but cutting the letters I used in the title took sometime because I printed very small letters.

Anyway, being positive is a learning process for me. While I could say I am doing good at it - there are times that I really struggle, especially now that there is a little hatred brewing up. Well, not really hate, but I could say I am starting to dislike a person and I hate myself for feeling like this. I have already lifted up my concerns to God, and I know He will help me ease the pain. See... there is beauty in pain, because I can use it to come closer to God and to my family and friends by seeking their opinions and advices.

*** Jenn ***