Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Disturb!

Don't Disturb

I have always wanted to join Live Every Moment since Simple Life Photographs hosted "Flowers on Saturday," but weekends are my lazy days to blog, and I always kept forgetting taking pictures of the prompts. I feel lucky today because there is no specific prompt, meaning I can finally plunge in the fun. I am also linking this up to Camera Critters because I might be out tomorrow.

This is my cat Oreo. When he and his siblings were a few weeks old and they started opening their eyes, they used to sleep next to me, occupying a part of my bed. Now, they don't like to sleep near me anymore, but I realized that whenever he sleeps, we would always sleep like this - kinda like a human lying on a bed.

I just finished tending my little vegetable garden, and when I got back inside the house, I saw Oreo sleeping in the terrace and thought it looked cute, so I took a picture using my cell phone, which was always inside my pocket. I just took a picture for the Art of Composition meme so my cell phone was still in B/W mode, which I didn't bother changing, since I didn't want to miss the moment, should the cat wakes up upon sensing me coming near him.

Well, I guess he was really sleepy because he never moved even if I already took the pictures.

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