Friday, April 08, 2011

5MinFri - If You Met Me...

Last week, I had no connection, so I wasn't able to join. I am happy that this week, Internet has been nice. This week, the prompt is "If You Met Me." Ready?

06|52. Abandoned.


The very first thing you'd notice about me would be my size. However, despite my extra large frame, I seem to be fading in the background because I am fairly quiet, especially during gatherings. Well, at first I could be really timid - I am not really the type who voice out a whole lot of opinions and points of view, but as you get to know more of me, I think I have a little sense of humor and that I am a little crazy at times.

If you met me, you might consider me a walking contradiction because I love organizing my things alphabetically and I arrange my files according to their dates, yet even if I have this OC-ness, I am a pretty messy person literally. I just hate cleaning, so at times my room turns into a storage area.

If you met me, you'd see how I cherish my very few relationships. I don't have that much friends, but I do hold on to those few people. If you met me, you'd see how I love and respect my family. If you met me, you'd see how sweet of a person I am, and If you met me, you'd see how much I strive everyday to see the goodness in all things.


Really? That's all I was able to write in 5 minutes? Awwww....

Anyway, time may not be enough, but if you check back here once in a while, you will surely get to know more of me though my pictures and words. Isn't it great to be a life artist? I just love celebrating life!

*** Jenn ***