Sunday, May 01, 2011

April 2011 Photo Hunt

It's the first day of May now... time to present the pictures for the April 2011 photo hunt.

01 - Animals

01. Animals
(30 April 2011)

Well, just an "animal" for me... I took this after I took pictures of the sunset clouds. For a few days already, I have been hearing a different kind of chirp, and while taking pictures of the clouds, I heard the chirp again and saw this bird. It was pretty, but because it was dusk already, my camera wasn't able to capture its colors well (it's brown with white).

02 - Bedroom

02. Bedroom
(29 April 2010)

I just changed the linens because mom told me cousin Jayson might arrive today. I didn't bother clearing up the desk anymore since this wasn't my bedroom anymore, but later that day, I found my cat Orange-y sleeping on the bed! This cat really loves fresh linens (I can't blame him - who doesn't love the smell of fresh sheets?), so I just let him sleep for a while. Of course, I gave the linen a pass of sticky tape to take out the fur.

03 - Best From 16/17

03. Best From 16 / 17
17 April 2011

My sister and I went to the Sidcor Weekend Market, and before going home, I asked sister if we could pass by the plants section so I could take pictures of the flowers. It was already near lunch that time so there weren't that much to take pictures anymore, but I was able to see this passion vine flower hidden somewhere - hooray!

In Fashion

04. In Fashion
(04 April 2011)

A rather "stolen" shot of my sister wearing tank tops and miniskirt - something in fashion this summertime.

05 - Lawn / Garden

05. Lawn / Garden
(17 April 2011)

Another picture taken at the weekend market.. I am not sure what this plant is called, but I typically see the yellow kind, so seeing ones in purple made me very interested in taking pictures of it.

Waiting to Click

06. Lazy
(10 April 2010)

A few years ago, I got to read an article about cats being the "masters" and not a pet because of how it manipulate its owners to do things for them, and that they are always asleep, etcetera etcetera. Digging deep about it, I tend to believe it, and my cats aren't different - they surely love to sleep and relax. :)

07 - Playtime

07. Playtime
(05 April 2011)

Another picture of my cat Oreo. I was playing computer games that day, which made him a bit jealous I guess, so when I wasn't giving him much attention anymore, he decided to jump up the desk and lied on my net book! What a way to ruin a playtime. :)

08 - Rain / Shower

08. Rain / Water.
(30 April 2011)

My old Troll doll taking a shower in the sink.

09 - Silhouette

09. Silhouette
(30 April 2011)

I was writing a blog post when a Twitter friend of mine twitted, "Sunset Alert!" It made me check the sky and true enough, it was beautiful! Well, there's a big house hindering my view of the sun, but the colors of the sky were so beautiful, I went back to get my camera. I took this from the side part of our house... we had some chicken wires as fence to deter robbers (well, there was a high concrete wall anyway, we just had the wires installed to add more protection), so as you can see, there were "mysterious" lines in the image.

Framing the shot... the neighbor's avocado tree was just there - so might as well include them in the shot. The warm light from the sun provided a good silhouette look on the tree, don't you think?

10 - Something Tiny

10. Something Tiny
(01 April 2011)

A macopa flower I was able to take a picture of. It had so many tiny pollens (am I right?) that made it really, really pretty.

11  Something Huge

11. Something Huge
(27 April 2011)

Well, the fish wasn't huge to begin with, but seeing the cat and presenting the image in this perspective, it really made my cat small and the fish huge.

12 - Texture

12. Texture
04 April 2011

There is texture from the strawberries, but as I post processed this, I incorporated two textures I downloaded off the Internet. This was the very first image I post-processed with textures, so I don't know if I did good or not... I just experimented with the image.

By the way, the textures I used for certain images were taken from different sources. The pink one, which I used in the strawberry image was taken HERE, the grungy old paper which I used both in the strawberry image and that of the macopa flower was taken HERE and the last, which I used in the bird image was taken from HERE. My biggest thanks for sharing your talent.

For more takes on different items for hunt, please check the Photo Hunt Challenges website. The May 2011 photo hunt list is now up, as well... see you all again next month, and thank you for dropping by here.

*** Jenn ***