Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Lucban Church

Since I got home last Monday from a weekend getaway in Quezon Province, I still haven't had the time and the urge to go out, and that I still haven't transferred pictures from my camera taken Tuesday 'til today, so my share for Fabulous Friday is still something from last Sunday's Pahiyas Festival.

Lucban Church - Quezon

After checking out the Kiping Adorned Houses along the streets of Lucban, we went to eat lunch at Ground Zero, then went to Lucban Church to pray. We were hoping there would be a mass - as it was Lucban's feast day and it was a Sunday - but when we entered the church, it was just full of people who wanted to seek refuge from the blistering heat, and it was also full of people who wanted to take pictures. After saying my prayers, I joined the many people taking pictures inside the church, and some minutes after we decided to go out.

Ria (our neighbor and our "tour guide") told us there will be a parade later in the afternoon, so the next best thing to do was to find us a spot to watch the parade. I made a request for us to exit by the front door so I could also take a picture of the church's facade.

Part of the parade were the giant human forms, and I was really surprised seeing two giants walking around the grounds of the church. The other one (a male giant) was already making its way to where the parade would start, and his lady love (the one in the picture) was slowly following, so I just took my time to take pictures. Can't let this moment pass. :)

We weren't able to watch the parade anymore because it was just so hot that afternoon. Sad, but no regrets.

*** Jenn ***