Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday | Capas National Shrine

Last Saturday was a very wonderful day for me as my sister and I, together with some Filipino bloggers trekked to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales (crossing the path from Capas, Tarlac). While the experience and the pictures from the volcano were enough to make it a favorite, I am going to share a different image for Sweet Shot Tuesday this week.

Capas Shrine

Before traveling back to Manila, we made a quick side trip to the Capas National Shrine in Tarlac. This obelisk was made in memorial to all the Filipino and American soldiers who died during the Death March (World War 2).

What made me share this picture is because when we got there, I was actually already happy taking a picture of the obelisk from a distance, but my sister suggested I come near and check out the inner part of the obelisk. Thinking it would be long before I can travel back here, I decided to check it out.

Standing in between the three towers (if I can call it like that), I looked up and saw this image. I really liked the contrast between the lines and circles, and with that I thanked my sister for asking me to check it out. Sweet!

*** Jenn ***