Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday | Mommy Lilith

I just finished writing something about losing kitties (you can read about that HERE), but I am really thankful that we have another female cat that gave birth a few days after Teddy gave birth. We didn't know where Mommy Lilith gave birth, but when the kitten opened his eyes, Lilith took home the kitty.

At first they were sleeping right next to me - I placed a blanket near my pillow so I can't accidentally roll over them as I sleep. However, the kitty started to wander around, so when cousin Jayson left one day, Lilith found a good place to keep her kitten safe:

Mommy Lilith Mommy Lilith

In my closet! I knew it would be difficult to take out fur on fabrics, so I just covered my clothes with clothes I rarely wear. I decided to let them stay there because it would be difficult to keep the older cats out of the house - as they might bite the kitten. I seriously don't want to lose another kitten.

Right now, I still haven't given the kitten a name. I still have to wait 'til the kitten started eating solid foods... if he survives that, then I would give him a name. The kitten looks a lot like our cat Oreo, so I might consider naming the kitten after another cookie.

Another problem I have - one of the kitten's eyes is always closed because of thick eye mucus, and I don't know what to do. I hope it gets better soon.

*** Jenn ***