Monday, July 04, 2011

Oriental Blend Fruit Shake

There's no {A Photo} Challenge this week, so I decided to add a splash of color on my blog.

This was a year old picture I took at the La Mesa Eco Park when I went there for a photo walk with Nathalie. The first time I went there, I wasn't able to take much picture of the place because we went there for a pre-nup shoot (I was one of the kitty cat photographers). This time, I made sure I took pictures I could use for my travel blog, Where My Feet Took Me.

This was a very cute store. I do like how the main booth looked like the fruit shake cup - with straw at the roof, too! Very few fruits, but because there was no staff at the store, we weren't able to buy a cup of fruit shake to refresh ourselves.

In a place where there's mostly earth colors, this booth with bright red and yellow colors really stood out.

*** Jenn ***