Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday | Prayer Hut

Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain

I took this picture last Sunday when I went to the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo City with my mom and some of her friends at work. They already planned this day trip for more than a month now, but because of typhoons that visited the country, it was postponed until this day.

This part of the Prayer Mountain was something that came as a blessing for us. We were actually ready to leave as it was past lunch already, but after we checked the individual prayer rooms, one of us was able to talk with one of the staff and gave us a short tour - showing us the rooms for people who would want to stay overnight or a few days. Exchange of words brought one of mom's friends to ask about this certain area she was able to see on the Internet and the staff showed us the way and we got to see this.

We stayed in the hut for a few minutes, and as I looked back to take a final shot, this image reminded me of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love..." looks a bit like Liz Gilbert's meditation area in Bali. :)

*** Jenn ***