Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Brownies | Chocolate Bars

Mercato Centrale

I decided to share this post this week because I feel bad about something. Of all the time for the typhoon to come, I couldn't understand why it came when I was about to attend an event. Obviously, we (my sister was part of the invitees, too) weren't able to attend because of too much rain, and with two reported road accidents because of the typhoon, I chose our safety over some food tasting and mingling with co-bloggers. :(

The event was for the 1st anniversary of MedChef Cakes by Chef Hasset Go and Paul Jayson Carlos. Apart from the event itself, I was actually looking forward to this event because I could finally meet Madey in person - a blogger whom I met through Multiply circa 2005. Well, I just hope there will be more events so I could finally meet him.

This picture was taken last June when sister and I went to the Mercato Centrale (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) to pick up my Choconut Mochicko. Sister and I also took the time to roam around and do taste tests (so many delicious foods!), and this picture was taken at MedChef's booth. They have quite a lot of pastries to choose from, but the person manning the store was busy talking to other customers, so we weren't able to ask much about it.

I look forward in coming back to Mercato Centrale because I felt the time we spent there wasn't enough to cover everything.

*** Jenn ***