Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Whites | Tea Time

Tea Time SOOC

I initially took this picture for another meme, but the SOOC shot wasn't really the "star" of the meme, but the post-processing by adding textures, so I decided to share this image here, too.

My mom has this fascination over white teapots; this teapot was given to her a few years ago by one of her colleagues, after she sort of annoyed the colleague saying she wanted it. :) My mom said this teapot was bought at a store in Dapitan (Manila), but when I visited the place last year, I wasn't able to see some. Currently, mom has about four teapots that we don't really use because we are not really tea drinkers; if we wanted to drink hot tea, we could just fix a cup for ourselves.

*** Jenn ***