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Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Drink

After sharing the mango coffee cooler yesterday, let's go for something healthy. :)

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass

I was blessed to receive a lot of goodies from the Blogapalooza, and one of which was a goodie pack from Easy Pha-Max. It contained four kinds of powdered drink, and sister chose the original one.

Even if this was the basic of all drinks, it actually tasted okay for me. Wheatgrass has so many health benefits, but it's still difficult for me to include this in my daily food intake because I find it quite pricey.

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Mango Cheesecake Coffee Cooler

I admire people who can keep up with multiple blogs and still have a "full" life to live. I definitely need some lessons on effective time management, but recalling this certain blog thingy wherein one takes the challenge to blog on all days of the month (gosh, I forgot what it's called***), I am trying to achieve just that, and in order to do that, I need to really devote a little of my time to each of my blogs so I can be successful. This challenge does not apply to my travel blog Jenn on the Go, because editing pictures for that blog would eat my whole day.

Anyway, on this blog, I post pictures of different colors per day, and since there is no specific color meme for Sunday, I will post my Mellow Yellow Monday posts every Sundays.

Mango Frap

Today am sharing to you the Mango Cheesecake Coffee Cooler, which mom had when he had a food trip at Cafe City 1888 (SM City Fairview). It sure was interesting to combine mango with coffee, but since I am not a big fan of mango (I do eat mangoes, yes, but I can also live without it), I didn't really like it that much. Mom said the mango gave it an interesting twist, so I guess one should really like mangoes to appreciate this drink. Hahaha.

It's been a while since we last ate there. While I don't really miss it, sister seeing me editing the pictures made her wish we would eat there on our next food trip as she wasn't around the time we went there (I was with mom and bro). Should this push through, I think I will just go for their light snacks and a cup of hot coffee.

*** Edit (4:54pm) - the term am looking for was NaBloPoMo.


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From Our Morning Walk

Making another two-in-one post, I always forget to post my MYM post on a Sunday.

Morning Dew

Yellow Flower

Sister and I went out Saturday morning to walk and jog. Since this was our day to be out and "be one with nature," I took my camera with me, so I can capture images that would take my interest.

However, we saw rain clouds from afar, and it was actually raining at our would be destination. We had to cut our walk and take a different route, but we still was able to get in touch with nature, because of these pictures.

I took this near the neighborhood's chapel. The yellow flower looked a bit like squash's but am not sure if it's the same plant as I still haven't seen a squash flower that looked like this (ones I saw had a little pointy petal tips).

I sure hope this weekend the skies will be clear so sis and I can enjoy a much longer walk, and jog as well.


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Brown Snake

Brown Snake

I just resized, watermarked, and uploaded pictures from Zoobic Safari on my Facebook account, and I just realized there were quite a lot of brown images there, so today, I share to you a picture of a brown snake. The Zoobic Safari had different attractions, and this was taken at the Serpentarium.

No need to worry, though, the snakes were housed in different terrariums. Although, I'd say I had a difficult time taking pictures as the place was so dark and I can't turn on the flash as the light would bounce off.

Still, it was a fun day out.

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ODM Watch

Haven't updated this blog for a few days, I just got busy over many things, but here's an image for Wednesday Whites...

ODM Watch

Yesterday, brother and I attended the Canon Pixma Event at SM City North Edsa. Both of us hoped to win any one of the Canon Pixma printers at the raffle, but we didn't win. No need to be sad, because my name was picked at the raffle, too, and I got to take home this cute digital ODM Watch.

I still don't know how to set it. I am not a watch person, so I am not sure if I am going to use it or give it to any of my goddaughters for Christmas, but winning something sure made me happy. :)

Oh... bro and I still get a chance to win a Canon Pixma printer, because they have an on-going contest for bloggers who attended the event. :)

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Dried Flower

Dried Flower

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of tasting Cha Dao's milk tea with my sister, my cousin Marge, and my blogger friend Daryll. After taking pictures of the place and our drinks... we were left with enough time to enjoy our drinks and catch up on life stories.

We decided to take the table with big pillows, as it felt homey doing that. At the center of each tables were little accents, and our table had this little bowl, with dried flower and wood chips, probably from a bag of potpourri. The textures and the colors were just inviting that I snapped a picture and share it to you guys. :)