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The rainy season made snails infest in our garden that no matter how often I check the plants to take out the snails (some days it felt like picking berries). However, when I went outside of the house yesterday morning to see if any of our plants got knocked out because of typhoon Pedring, I was so surprised to see these caterpillars. Looking around, I realized there were so many of them.

I don't know what's in our garden, but at this moment, with lots of snails and lots of caterpillars, for sure our garden is one big smorgasbord for them.

Of course, I am not happy about that at all.

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Chocolate Blanco by Pan de Manila

Yesterday was a "brrrr..." day for most of us, and even if storm Pedring has already left the country, there were still chills in the air, so let me share this:

Chocolate Blanco

A hot cup of Chocolate Blanco by Pan de Manila. The last time we visited their store to buy some bread, sister saw their rack of instant drink mix, and her getting a sachet of the chocolate drink mix gave me the desire to taste their coffee mix. Since there were only three drink mix, we decided to get one of each so we could taste it all.

Sipping this one tasted like melted white Toblerone. It was sweet, creamy, and perfect for breakfast, or with some snacks... or simply for moments when one needs comfort - especially during rainy days.

Hope you're all safe and sound.

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Made for Each Other

Saturdays are my lazy blog days. I am online everyday, but during weekends, I just find myself either watching videos or just browse all sorts of websites I can hop into.

Today, I told myself I am going to blog, but right after doing the laundry, I just went in my room (which is more of a storage room than a bedroom because I abandoned it a few years ago - I sleep on the living room floor) and started cleaning it. It ate my entire afternoon, and because I feel quite tired, I was thinking of not blogging, but I decided to make this post just before I call it a day.

Pink / Lavender

Whenever I go to the weekend market, I spend hours taking pictures of the flowers because our own garden doesn't have that much flowering plants. Since I don't get to visit the market that often, I do make sure my camera's memory card has enough space to save nearly a hundred pictures because I do take pictures of a particular flower over and over.

Pink and lavender are my favorite colors. They just look so good together, and even this flower didn't look that fresh (too many dark speckles), just seeing a flower having two of my favorite colors was enough to make me take a picture of it.

It's been month since I last went to the weekend market and I do miss it. I really should convince the girls (mom and sis) to go there soon.

Life and then Som

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Cadbury Chocolate

Going with an easy share this week on Thursday Brownies...

Cadbury Chocolate

A picture of my sister's Cadbury Chocolate. Our late father had the sweet tooth, but because he would hoard all the chocolates a balikbayan friend or family member gave us, I somehow adjusted to live without chocolate. I do eat chocolate-flavored foods (cakes, ice cream, etc)... but the chocolate bars/candies were something I can live without.

This big bar of chocolate was given by someone dear to my sister, and because she seemed to have inherited dad's hoarding ways when it comes to chocolates, this actually sat inside the fridge for so long before she decided to open it. As you can see, there were already traces of milk because one family member would take it out of the fridge hoping sister would share it, but sister would put it back in the fridge. Well, I didn't have any problem with that... I actually never gave this one a taste. :)

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Sister in Greenbelt

Sister in Greenbelt

I just uploaded pictures from mom's birthday celebration last year, and doing so made me see this picture of my sister, which I took while the family were strolling around Greenbelt after a very sumptuous lunch at Mr. Jones.

My sister isn't sexy sexy to many people's standards... she is actually a chubby young lady weighing 150+lbs (the time this was shot), but ever since I have always admired how my sister carried herself. I admire how she can dress up and go out wearing short shorts despite her frame.

I so want to be just like her. I always tell her once I get the same body frame as hers, we'd shop together because between the two of us my sister is more into fashion and other kikay stuff than I am.

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Yellow and Green

I was supposed to update this blog yesterday, but because the weather was cloudy and that it rained in the afternoon, internet has been a big pain in the bottoms. :) So... this means I'd post a two-in-one post for today.


This yellow/black bird was something I saw when we visited Bohol's biggest python. Since many wanted to get up close to the snake and had their pictures taken, we decided to leave the cage after we had our turn. Some of our companions still had to take their turn, and because there were other animals around, I went to take more pictures. The cage of this kind of bird (there were about 5 birds in the cage) was located somewhere people can't see at first glance, I just had to thank their yellow feathers that quickly caught my attention.

This picture was pretty much SOOC, and I really loved how my point and shoot camera was able to create that depth of field even if I was shooting on "auto" mode (because I asked mom to take a picture of me near the snake). Actually, as long as there's enough source of light, this camera of mine can do wonders. :)

By the way... I was pretty amazed, too, that even if the space between the chicken wires were quite small, zooming in on the bird made me eliminate the traces of wire. :)


For my Green Monday post, I share to you some stuff inside my loot bag when I attended the Blogapalooza at Bonifacio High Street last Saturday. The loot bag had so much stuff in it, but I noticed I grouped a few green colored items close to each other, so before I placed the items back in the loot bag, I took this picture first.

Yeah, Christmas came early to me (and 149 other bloggers) this year. :)